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Energy Rejuvenation Sensation Session TM
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Energy Rejuvenation Sensation Session TM 
is about focusing on your needs. 
Ms. Rafelia the Energy Rejuvenation Sensation Specialist TM
is trained in the acient art of Whole body, Mind and Spirit Energetic Rejuvenation. 
Energy Rejuvenation Sensation Session TM
is your retreat for relaxation and total wellness.
Energy Rejuvenation Sensation Session TM
caters each session to "You" the client.
Session can include:  Chakra Balancing,  Energy balance,
Energetic Healing Touch,Energy Clearing of the Energy Field, 
Spiritual Readings, Tarot Readings, Connection with Spirit Guides
and Ancestors. 
The value added "Energy Enhancements" are focused towards
your specific needs.

Ancient Awareness for the Devine Soul

Relaxation for The Mind,Body and Spirit

Energy Rejuvenation Sensation Sessions TM
What We Do
What is Energy Rejuvenation?

Energy Rejuvenation Sensation Session TM is the use of therapeutic  and Sensual Energy Enhancements"  to repair and rebalance one's energy fields, It removes blockages, which improves the overall flow of energy and facilitates the body's own innate ability to heal itself..

 Energy Rejuvenation Sensation Session ​TM is a  focus on balancing energy in throughout your entire mind body and spirit. Throughout the day our bodies accumalate execessive amounts of both positive and negative energy.

Through the art of "Energy Rejuvenation Sensation Session TM
Ms Rafelia is able to push and pull energy making the energy go where it needs too. This causes a sensation of relief and balance. When you walk away from a session, you will feel as if the weight of the world has been lifted off of your shouldiers.

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What is Chakra Balancing?

Chakra balancing could be one of the most profound experiences you can have.  We are creatures that love touch, it stimulates our immune system, relaxes or excites, brings healing and can connect us deeply with ourselves and others. A therapist with knowledge of the body's chakras can connect with you at an energetic  and intimate level, bringing you to a inner peace and wellness connecting you through the Mind, Body and Spirit.Leaving you rejuvenated and whole.

What is a Energy Clearing, and How Can it help you?

As we go through the days, weeks, months. You collect energy both positive and negative. This collection of energy can often cause you to feel heavy, fatigued and feeling drained both physically and emotionally. 

Ms. Rafelia can help you by clearing the energy field that surrounds you. Her intuitive abilities helps her to clear the energy field of unwanted energy. You will feel uplifted, relaxed and energized. 

During the session Ms Rafelia also teaches techniques that you can do at home to help you maintain optimal wellness.

Spiritual Intuitive Readings

As a gifted Healer, Intuitive and Clairavoyant, Ms Rafelia offers simple guidance for your daily living. She can help you with answers and guidance to personal questions relating to health,love, happiness,relationships,business and finances. 

During a Spiritual Reading, messages may come through from the spiritual realm. Spirit Guides, Loved Ones from the other side may want to connect with you, giving you special messages of love and peace as you go through this journey of life. 
 Energy Rejuvenating Sensation Sessions
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